Free 30 minute verbal telephone mortgage commitment
1 Hour over the Internet/Telephone Written Mortgage Commitment
10 Day Closing FHA & Conventional


Repairs After Closing, manual underwriting, story loans; Crown will listen. If the loan should be done, Crown will do it! FHA, VA & Conventional.


Helping people with mortgages for over 40 years, Crown never sells your loan. Crown is the Lender.


"Very customer oriented. Answers our questions and concerns. Their willingness to help puts you at ease." Timothy & Carol

"My client was happy with your services; my attorney is extremely happy with your services. That, my friends, makes for an extremely successful relationship. Thank you!" Fran

"Very efficient; excellent communication throughout the transaction. No surprises which is almost unheard of in today's market. Job well done!" David

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Why Crown Mortgage Company?

Buyers = Great Buying Experience Before, During and After Closing

Realtors = Flawless Process Before, During and After Closing

  • Free 30 Minute Verbal Mortgage Commitment Over the Telephone.
  • 1 Hour Written Mortgage Commitment Over the Internet and Telephone
  • 10 Day Closing Available
  • Crown's Closing Takes Less Than 1/2 the Time of Other Banks and Mortgage Companies As We Use Our Own Funds and Never Sell the Loan (Conventional, FHA and VA).
  • Buyers Always Make Their Payment to Crown (Conventional, FHA and VA). We Make Sure You Are A Raving Fan For the Life of the Mortgage. All Loans Are Serviced At Crown's Oak Lawn Headquarters.

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