Crown Mortgage Company Never Sells Your Loan

Crown is here for you before, during and after you close your home loan. 75% of Crown's business comes from referrals from satisfied customer, friends and family.

Low interest rates and closing costs through knowledge and technology

We use the most advanced technology available to close home loans quickly, at a low cost. By combining the use of the Internet along with advanced processing software and automated underwriting systems we have taken the mystery out of approving and closing a home loan.

Crown Celebrates 40 Years in the Business

After 40 years, Crown Mortgage Company remains the premier home real estate finance company in the Chicago area. Our success is due to the SECURITY we offer our customers. Crown handles your loan from origination to financing and servicing. We do not sell our loans. Once your home loan closes, we service it from your first payment to your last. We give you the confidence that your principal and interest and escrowed funds are being handled by the same local, professional mortgage team that originally financed your home. Customers have the convenience of bringing their monthly payments to our Corporate Office in Oak Lawn, IL.

Crown is a mortgage banker. We lend our own funds. Our internal approval process allows us to issue a fully underwritten mortgage commitment in 30 minutes over the phone! We have our own staff of appraisers, loan processors, underwriters, and closing personnel which guarantees a high degree of accuracy and SPEED! For 40 years, Crown has consistently been described by customers and our network of real estate agents as one of the most responsive mortgage lenders – "sensitive to the needs of those buying a home". Our FLEXIBILITY allows us to tailor a superior variety of programs to suit the community’s diverse needs. We believe everyone should enjoy the "American Dream of Home Ownership". Crown’s speed, flexibility and security assures home buyers the best overall value, an enjoyable transaction and the personal attention that cannot be found anywhere else. 


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