Application Checklist

A properly documented home loan application makes your mortgage process go smoothly. This application checklist will help you gather your paperwork.


  1. Driver’s license or State photo ID for all people on the mortgage – except streamlined refi
  2. Social Security Card or two separate items evidencing the borrower’s social security number – except streamlined refi
  3. Last 2 years original W-2’s copies of last 2 years 1040’s and
    1. If self-employed – current profit and loss statement (must be signed by an accountant on accountant’s stationery with accountant’s business card)
    2. Last 2 years business tax returns and personal tax returns
    3. Conventional - No P&L if 1040’s by accountant last 2 years, P&L not required if LTV + 80% or less. All loans with less than 20% down need P&L
    4. 1722 required before rate lock if W-2’s or 1040;s missing
    5. Check for un-reimbursed expenses
  4. Current (under 30 days old) computerized printed pay stub showing year-to-date earnings and social security number
    1. Internet pay stub requires original and 3 months original checking showing direct deposit
  5. Fully executed real estate contracts/offer to purchase
  6. Most recent original 3 months checking statements, savings account statements, your last credit union, money market, mutual fund and IRA or 401(K) statements
    1. Internet banking- 3 months original printouts
  7. If gift money is to be used to help purchase the home, all of the following are needed:
    1. Copy of certified check showing remitters name
    2. Deposit slip
    3. CMC gift letter signed by borrower and donor stating there is no repayment obligation
    4. Proof donor actually gave the money and their ability to give
  8. If you already own a home, all of the following are needed:
    1. Year-end mortgage statement showing mortgage balance
    2. Contract on sale and riders OR MLS listing sheet OR FSBO information
  9. For VA loans:
    1. DD214
    2. Completed VA 1880
    3. Current certificate of eligibility if available
    4. Are you a member of the guard or reserves?
    5. Have you been notified of deployment in the near future?
    6. Need 1 full month of pay stubs10. 
  10. For non-US citizens:
    1. Non-resident alien card
  11. Application fee (pays for appraisal and credit report)
    1. Non-refundable written on check or loan officer responsible for all fees
  12. Signed CM166 or letter written from borrower stating rate and points
  13. For non-CMC refi, need:
    1. Copy of current homeowners declaration showing annual premium and paid through date
    2. Most recent tax bill
    3. Copy of existing survey
    4. HUD 1 proof of value
  14. For purchases closing in 25 days or less from date of application:
    1. 1% of mortgage amount needs to be collected at time of contract as earnest money.
  15. For new construction
    1. 1% of mortgage amount needs to be collected at time of contract
  16. Rent checks for 3-12 months (12 months if using for offset)

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